La Capitale makes VIVA available to all Quebec businesses

May 14, 2014 – La Capitale Financial Group is extending the offer of its VIVA program – a workplace health and wellness promotion program that's custom designed for companies of all sizes – to all organizations in Quebec. VIVA had previously been integrated exclusively into a group insurance plan. This extension enables VIVA to become a unique, independent program that can be of benefit to employers and employees throughout Quebec.

 New distribution channel
"Having VIVA in solo mode enables us to make available to all Quebec businesses, regardless of their size or area of activity, a personalized program that's based on their interests, needs and circumstances," said Annie Giguère, Director of Innovation, Business Solutions and Marketing at La Capitale. VIVA offers activities that focus on three main areas: diet, physical activity and wellness. Employees can participate in health and wellness challenges and attend on-site presentations, workshops and kiosks. The program is supported by various promotional tools, interest surveys, a health risk assessment tool and a team of health experts.

Happier employees
Since its development in 2009, VIVA has proven to be a definite asset. In the businesses that have implemented the program, the results speak for themselves: happier and more engaged employees, a more positive corporate image, higher retention of qualified employees, increased productivity, lower absenteeism and reduced healthcare costs.

92% of employees are satisfied
A recent survey of employees who benefit from the VIVA workplace program has demonstrated the level of satisfaction with the program. About 92% of employees indicated that they considered themselves lucky to have VIVA at work, and 56% declared that they had modified their lifestyle because of the program.

Some VIVA activities currently offered:
•    10,000 Steps challenge (an online program is used to track steps and launch personal or team challenges)
•    Heart health clinic run by nurses
•    Sports clinics (shopping for the best running shoes, etc.)
•    Presentations (wellness, work/life balance, family relationships)
•    Health smart cooking demonstrations
•    Restful sleep challenge
•    Monthly health and wellness bulletins.

About La Capitale
La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services has a strong presence across Quebec and throughout Canada. With over 2,500 employees and guided by the values of mutualism on which it was founded, La Capitale works with clients to build, protect and value what they feel counts for their financial security. It offers insurance products and financial services to the general public as well as to Quebec public service employees. La Capitale holds a coveted spot among leading insurers in Canada. Given the key social and economic role La Capitale plays, it is proud to contribute to the progress and well-being of the whole community through the La Capitale Financial Group Foundation.

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