La Capitale presents La Galère sur scène

July 5, 2016 – La Capitale Insurance and Financial Group is proud to be one of the two principal partners of La Galère sur scène, which is the stage adaptation of the very popular television serie on ICI Radio-Canada, the French CBC network. This stage production, directed by André Robitaille with contributions from Renée-Claude Brazeau, features the same four actresses who won the hearts of their viewers throughout six seasons of broadcasting in Quebec. Following the first performance, slated for July 14 at the Hector-Charland Theatre in L’Assomption, the show will go on the road and be presented in major Quebec cities with more than 100 performances to take place.

The stage production of La Galère brings the four famous friends – Stéphanie (Hélène Florent, temporarily replaced by Marylise Bourke), Claude (Anne Casabonne), Mimi (Brigitte Lafleur) and Isabelle (Geneviève Rochette) – back together, as they set out on a new quest for freedom.

La Capitale, noted for its presence throughout Quebec, is proud to be associated with this major production. “As a mutual whose roots are well anchored in the community, La Capitale enjoys taking part in different projects to contribute, in its own way, to the development of society. Our goal, in entering into this partnership, is to promote Quebec's vibrant cultural life, which is an essential pillar of society,” said Marie-Josée Guérette, La Capitale's Executive Vice-President of Corporate Affairs. “Passion, humour and emotions are contagious. The talent of the actresses in La Galère enabled the show's faithful viewers over all six seasons that the show was on the air to share the emotions of the characters created by the author, Renée-Claude Brazeau. Everyone who goes to see the stage version of La Galère will undoubtedly be in for a whirlwind of emotions!”

About La Capitale

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