La Capitale supports the Communauto car sharing service

March 31, 2017 – Communauto, North America’s oldest car sharing company, and La Capitale General Insurance have entered into a sponsorship agreement, which will enable Communauto to accelerate the development of its self-service capabilities and continue to move forward with the introduction of electric cars.

In conjunction with this agreement, Communauto vehicles will display the colours of La Capitale General Insurance. La Capitale clients wishing to make the leap to car sharing can get a discount on their Communauto subscription. Similarly, Communauto members can get a discount on any new insurance coverage with La Capitale.

La Capitale General Insurance has insured Communauto since 1994, when it was founded. The insurer backed the company when it had only three vehicles in its fleet. Today, this Quebec business has a car sharing fleet of over 2,000 vehicles and offers services with and without reservation. The service operates in eight cities in Canada and also in France.  

“Twenty-two years ago, no one insured car sharing, because that activity sector simply did not exist. The risk coverage La Capitale General Insurance offered us was essential in order for our business plan to be viable. We are happy to, once again, be able to rely on their support of our growth initiatives,” said Marco Viviani, Vice-President of Strategic Development at Communauto.  

 “La Capitale is very proud to have been able to work with Communauto since the company’s earliest days. As a mutual, La Capitale shares Communauto’s values of engagement and social responsibility, so this partnership is a natural alliance,” remarked Frédérique Leclerc, Vice-President of Marketing and e-Commerce at La Capitale General Insurance. Interest in alternative modes of transportation is booming, and La Capitale will continue to back Communauto, a rapidly expanding local business. This agreement will enable La Capitale clients and Communauto subscribers to take advantage of exclusive offers.”


Communauto was founded in Quebec City in 1994. La Capitale Insurance and Financial Group insures subscribers and the fleet of over 2,000 car sharing vehicles, a number of which are fully electric. Communauto offers car sharing services with and without reservation in eight cities in Canada and also in France. The company has a social, environmental and urbanistic mission.

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