La Capitale is proud to collaborate with Services Collectifs Groupement in order to offer, to this unique association, a complete group insurance plan. At La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services, our insureds are our top priority. We provide attentive service, characterized by an ongoing commitment to meet your needs.


  • Administrator's Centre
  • Resources for participant
  • Tandem

Upon receipt of the duly completed and signed Access request to the Group Administrator's Centre, La Capitale will send you an email with your registration key.

Filling out the application form

  1. Go to the authentication page:
  2. Enter the required fields* to log in
  3. Fill out the application form
  4. Keep the 10-digit user code and the temporary password that you will receive by email at the end of the registration process.

*You received this registration key in a previous email.

Accessing the Group Administrator's Centre

  1. Open a session using your username by clicking on the following link:
  2. Choose your personal security questions and enter your temporary password
  3. Choose a new password
  4. Accept the Group Administrator Centre's terms of use

Exploring the Group Administrator's Centre

You can access a user guide through the left-hand menu of the Group Administrator's Centre. You will be able to navigate independently in the Group Administrator's Centre to create, consult and update group insurance files for your employees.

Group Administrator's Centre Video

Afin d’assurer le succès de la transition, nous sommes heureux de mettre à votre disposition différents documents destinés aux adhérents.

Client Centre

Your employees now have access to many online services. By logging in the Group Insurance Participant's Centre before Decembre 31th, they get a chance to win an iPhone 6 Plus.

Dowload the document

Email template

We are pleased to provide you with an email template that you can use to inform your group insurance plan participants of the change of insurer.

Open email template


Your organization's employees who participate in your insurance plan can access information on the transition of your group insurance plan and the other services offered by La Capitale by going to

Go to the microsite

Leaflet to be inserted with certificates

You will receive this leaflet at the same time as the group insurance certificates. We would appreciate it if you would give a copy to each participant.

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