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Since you are insured with La Capitale, you can have up to $55 deposited directly into your account when you open your first La Capitale Stow & Grow Account.

To receive $55:

  1. Enter promotion code INSURE30 when you register online and receive $301.
  2. Get up to $252 when you enrol in payroll deduction3 or set up a periodic deposit plan.


High interest rate


Periodic deposit with preauthorized transfer


Unlimited transactions


Up to 50 budget allocations


No service fees or minimum balance


Available as a TFSA


Interest rates in effect


Current rates

La Capitale Stow & Grow Account     


La Capitale Stow & Grow TFSA


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Grow your savings automatically with payroll deduction or preauthorized debit. Nothing could be easier! And with such a high rate, it's in your interest to save!

Manage your money without having to worry about office hours, thanks to our secure website that's available 24/7. Something on your mind? Our Customer Service team is here to help!

You can sleep easy! La Capitale's Stow & Grow account protects your money from market fluctuations. No risk to take with your savings.

Stow & Grow FAQ


Are there any service fees?

No! We don't charge any monthly enrolment, transaction or management fees. That's what we at La Capitale mean by online savings!

Does a minimum balance requirement apply?

No! You can start saving with just a dollar!

What's the maximum number of transactions?

Unlimited! Make as many transactions as you want, whenever you want.



"I love this product!"

" I love this product because it lets me manage my budget and set money aside periodically so that I have the money to pay my recurring expenses and projects. " 

- Josianne L.

“Very satisfied!”

“ My Stow & Grow Account allowed me to set money aside so that I could move into my first apartment.  It’s also a safety cushion in case of an emergency. ! ”

- Sarah-Jane B.

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1 888 703-4480

8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday to Friday

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1 $30 will be paid directly into your account when you open your first La Capitale Stow & Grow Account by using promotion code INSURE30 when registering online. This promotion does not apply to the La Capitale Stow & Grow TFSA.

2 $25 on enrolment in payroll deduction for the first time or $20 on set-up of a first periodic deposit. This promotion does not apply to the La Capitale Stow & Grow TFSA. The money will be deposited into your account within one month after you enrol in payroll deduction ($25) or set up periodic deposit ($20).

3 Reserved for Quebec's public service and parapublic sector employees with a participating employer.

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