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Avoid cost increases resulting from a home insurance claim

Invest a few dollars a month in peace of mind!


Forgiveness for up to two claims over a five-year period

With the home insurance Claim forgiveness option, you avoid cost increases resulting from one or two home insurance claims over a five-year period.


All is forgiven

Regardless of the type of loss for which you make a claim.


No obligation on your part

Forgiven claims remain forgiven for as long as you insure your home with us, even if you decide to remove the coverage.


Competitive rate

It’s worth paying a few dollars a month to avoid what could be a considerable premium increase in the event of a claim.

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Does this coverage guarantee that my premium will never increase?

The most significant premium increases are based on loss experience. This coverage allows you to avoid the greater premium increase in the event of a claim. That said, premiums can always increase slightly from year to year as a result of rate adjustments or in response to inflation.

Someone I know had this coverage, and it didn't do him any good.

It is true that you may not need it. However, anyone can suffer a loss that causes damage to their home. It can happen anytime. If you have this coverage, you ensure that you are at least protected from a resulting increase in your home insurance premium.

Because I am on a tight budget, I do not want to pay for this coverage.

We understand the importance of budgets. Actually, this endorsement can help you manage your budget, because it protects you from claim-related increases in your insurance premium. It’s worth paying a few dollars a month to avoid what could be a considerable increase in the event of a claim.

I don't need this coverage, because I have never made a claim.

Actually, this coverage will protect your good claim record. Anyone at all may have to file a claim. Once you do file a claim, you will no longer be eligible for this coverage, and your premium will increase.

Can I remove the coverage when I want?

Of course! Not only can you have the coverage removed at any time, but as long as you remain insured with La Capitale, claims that were forgiven while you had the coverage will have no impact on your premium.

Once the claim forgiveness has been applied to two claims, how much longer will I have to keep the coverage?

You can decide to have it removed at any time. And, if you have two forgiven claims, when the time comes to renew the coverage, an agent will contact you to ask if you want to have it removed.

Damage insurance agency. At all times, terms and conditions pertaining to coverage are governed solely by the insurance contract. Some conditions and exclusions apply.