What are Recognition Awards?

The goal of the contest is to recognize exceptional individuals in the Quebec public administration and public service who make a real difference in their environment by improving the quality of life of fellow citizens or colleagues.

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Each winner participates in...


The official award ceremony
receives a prize of $2,500


A public recognition event
in their milieu


A photo shoot and a
promotional video

Selection criteria

  • People-first attitude

  • Commitment

  • Exceptional dedication and initiative

  • Results

Takes care of the well-being of people by demonstrating respect and empathy.

Takes an active role in improving the lives of others and applies the values of mutual aid and solidarity in his or her milieu

Is a role model to others due to his or her actions and initiatives that go above and beyond.

The nominee makes a difference in his or her milieu and produce concrete results or benefits.


Nominate a person who is actively employed in one of the following sectors:

  • A ministry, public or parapublic agency, or crown corporation

  • The public health and social services sector

  • The public education sector

  • The municipal sector

A ministry, public or parapublic agency, or crown corporation

For example, professional, technician, office staff, labourer, manager, etc.

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The public health and social services sector

For example, physician, nurse, occupational therapist, kinesiologist, etc.

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The public education sector

For example, teacher, guidance counsellor, special needs teacher, trainer, etc.

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The municipal sector

For example, police officer, firefighter, urban planner, land surveyor, labourer, etc.

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Special prize awarded to a member of the Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec (FIQ or FIQP)

The FIQ is made up of 76,000 members including nurses, licensed practical nurses, respiratory therapists and clinical perfusionists working in healthcare establishments throughout Quebec.

Tips for preparing nominations 

It’s important to take the time to adequately prepare the nomination of the person you intend to propose. It will help him or her stand out among the members of our jury.  

Here are a few tips 

  • Read the contest rules, and pay close attention to Section 5.
  • Draw inspiration from our contest’s previous winners.
  • Take the time to identify the main elements that set your nominee apart from the rest and highlight them in the nomination form. Ask those closest to the nominee for help in this area.
  • Write clearly and concisely.
  • Keep your comments to under 250 words for each of the 4 criterion, each of which account for 25% of the final rating:
    • People-first attitude: How does this person prioritize the well-being of others in a respectful and empathetic manner? 
    • Commitment: How committed is this person to improving the life of others and promoting mutual aid and solidarity in his or her community?
    • Exceptional dedication and initiative:How is this person a role model in his or her community through actions and initiatives that are out of the ordinary?
    • Results: What are the concrete results or benefits stemming from this person's actions and how does he or she make a difference in the community?
  • Review the file before sending it in or have it revised by someone else for typos.

Nominate someone for the 2021 Recognition Award

  • Fill out the online form

  • Download a PDF version of the form

Fill out my online form.

Download the form and send it by email to DL-CAAP-Communications@lacapitale.com or by mail to:

The 5th annual La Capitale Recognition Award (2019-2020)
625 Jacques-Parizeau St, PO Box 16040
Quebec QC G1K 9Z9

Do you have any questions about the contest? 


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Important dates

February 8, 2021
Nominations closed

March 2021
Jury deliberations

April 2021
Announcement of the winners