The jury has made its selections from among the many projects that were submitted in each of the three eligible causes.

Three $25,000 projects and $15,000 for an intergenerational
project will see the light of day


A special prize of $15,000 will be awarded for a project related
to one of the causes supported by the Foundation (autism, intellectual
disability or vulnerable seniors) in which two generations participate.

The causes we support


Autism rates are continuing to rise. Our objective is to contribute to the well-being of persons with autism and their families by supporting both children and adults.


Vulnerable seniors
Seniors make up a significant part of the population. We back initiatives that make it possible for support and adequate care to be provided to seniors who are vulnerable and isolated.


Intellectual disability
Close to 3% of the Quebec population is affected by an intellectual disability. We can improve support for and attention to these people and their family members, regardless of their age.

Implementation of the winning projects from the first edition

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Important dates


Launch of the ShineBEYOND call for projects
Opening of the call for projects


Assess submitted projects


Closure of the call for projects


Announce selected projects