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PRIZE OF $25,000  Autism

Autisme Québec (Quebec City region)

L’Escouade day camp project
The Camp de jour l’Escouade project was born as a result of ideas put forth by Autisme Québec and the Clinique d’orthophonie sociale de Québec. The two organizations will therefore be able to provide, for a very affordable price, a specialized summer day camp that would foster the growth of autistic children through leisure and by developing their communications skills. It’s an innovative service since no other summer camp offers services that specialize in developing communications skills among autistic children. This innovative model could then be used in other regions.

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PRIZE OF $25,000  Intellectual disability

L’Arche Le Printemps (Bellechasse region)

A respite home for families living with an adult affected by an intellectual disability
In response to the needs of the people of the Bellechasse region, L’Arche le Printemps will open, thanks to this donation, a new respite home for families living with an adult affected by an intellectual disability. As the lone L’Arche Canada community located in a rural area, the service will be available around the clock to adults with an intellectual disability, giving 20 families an opportunity to take advantage of the precious moments of respite.

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PRIZE OF $25,000  Vulnerable seniors

FADOQ des Laurentides - Les Serres de Clara – École secondaire des-Studios (Laurentians region)

Laurentians garden tray project
This project will allow seniors with modest means residing in low-rent housing or non-profit organization housing in the city of Mirabel and the MRCs in the Laurentians region to socialize by gardening, taking part in a physical activity and eating a healthier diet. Raised gardening trays will allow everyone to take care of the plants and break out of their isolation regardless of the status of their health. These trays will be placed on the land adjacent to the residences so they are easily accessible.

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PRIZE OF $15,000  Intergenerational project

La Maison des Grands-Parents de Villeray (Montreal region)

Intergenerational match-up
This project aims to pair a teenager or a young adult who has resided in a youth centre with a senior citizen, who then becomes his or her “second” grand-parent. This match-up provides the youth with a place to exchange and share ideas, have some fun and get a sense of involvement that is outside of his or her rehabilitation routine. The seniors can offer their time and affection and become an essential presence for families in an inclusive community in which each member has a place. Many of the youngsters continue their relationship with the senior when they become adults, thereby creating a bridge between the generations.

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