2019 ShineBEYOND Call for Project RULES

Call for projects – La Capitale Foundation
2019 edition


1. Call for Projects description

The goal of the Call for Projects is to invite non-profit organizations to apply for a prize that would shine a light on a project that is dear to their hearts and is aligned with one of the three Foundation causes: autism, intellectual disability and vulnerable seniors.

A special prize will be awarded during this call for projects for an intergenerational project involving two generations in one or two of the three niche areas listed above. 

“Project”: Is defined as a group of concentrated activities to implement a specific objective to be completed in a predetermined amount of time and within an established budget.

“Non-profit organization”: Organization created for social, educational or charitable purposes whose objective is not to gain economic benefits for its members nor distribute profits made through some of its activities.


2. Call for Projects Organizer

The Call for Projects is held and organized by the La Capitale Foundation (the Foundation or the Organizer)


3. Duration

The Call for Projects will take place uniquely on a provincial level (Quebec) and run from 12:01 a.m. on November 1 to 11:59 p.m. on December 20, 2019, inclusively.


4. How to participate in the Call for Projects

No purchase is necessary for entry. Participation is free.

Participation in the Call for Projects must comply with these rules.

An online form for the Call for Projects is available at lacapitale.com/ShineBEYOND.
Any non-profit organization in the province of Quebec is invited to submit a project that will be completed during 2020 and will help improve the quality of life of people who are part of the three causes supported by the La Capitale Foundation:

  • autism
  • intellectual disability
  • vulnerable seniors


5. Eligibility conditions and selection criteria

The Foundation supports organizations and projects that comply with the following eligibility conditions:

  • The organization is a charitable, non-profit organization registered in its territory
  • The participating organization must present one project only

It must be demonstrated that the organization provides direct service to the public by contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of others (citizens or colleagues) according to the following criteria:

  • The organization submits a project that complies with one of the three Foundation causes (autism, intellectual disability and vulnerable seniors)
  • The program should have a measurable social impact
  • The program should promote positive values and help to improve the quality of life
  • The program should provide direct help to individuals that are part of the Foundation’s causes (and not to other organizations that support other organizations)
  • The amount received for winning the Call for Projects must be used before December 31, 2020
  • The proposed project must respect the allotted budget
  • The project must directly target more than one person
  • The project must be completed in the province of Quebec.


6. Details of the prizes

One project per cause will be selected from the submissions, for a total of four (4) selected projects:

$25,000 for a project related to autism

$25,000 for a project related to intellectual disability

$25,000 for a project related to vulnerable seniors

$25,000 for an intergenerational project related to autism, intellectual disability or vulnerable seniors. 

The prize for an intergenerational project may not be awarded to a project that has already received a prize during this call for projects.. Total prize value: $100,000.

*Prizes cannot be refunded, transferred, redeemed for cash or assigned.


7. Winners

7.1 Each week, a panel will review the submissions received to determine whether they are eligible and meet the requirements. When the Call for Projects period closes, a jury will select a winner for each of the three (3) causes. The Foundation reserves the right to not select a project from a particular cause if the submissions do not meet the criteria of these rules.

7.2 Review panel members:

  • Four (4) Communications and Public Relations Advisors

The review panel's is responsible for ensuring that all submissions meet the requirements set out in these rules prior to selection jury deliberations.

7.3 Selection jury members:

  • A La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services Vice-President
  • The Public Relations and the Foundation Manager
  • The employee representative on the B. of D. of the La Capitale Foundation
  • Two (2) Communications and Public Relations Advisors
  • Three (3) members working with clients associated with the three (3) causes.

The jury will be chaired by a La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services Vice-President

The jury is responsible for determining winners from the individuals who presented the selected projects based on the criteria specified in point 5.

7.4 Organizations whose projects are selected will be contacted directly. There will be an announcement highlighting their prize win in the following days, and the prizes will be delivered in person. If the organization whose project is selected cannot assign a representative, the prize will be sent to the organization by mail.

7.5 Only organizations selected as winners will be contacted.

7.6 All decisions made by the jury members are final and without appeal.


8. Producing a video

The selected organizations will be contacted to take part in a video shoot that will be filmed in 2020 and shown on the Foundation’s web page.  They will also be asked to promote the Call for Projects on social media. The photos or video footage may also be used on social media and websites of La Capitale Financial Group Inc. and its affiliates.


9. Exclusions

Ineligible for the Foundation’s Call for Projects:

  • Religious organizations
  • Political organizations
  • For profit organizations
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, gender or religion
  • Advocacy groups or organizations, interest groups or groups that advocate any political, social or economic ideas
  • Organizations not recognized as being registered Canadian charitable organizations
  • Think tanks
  • Any project with commercial, promotional or for-profit objectives
  • Any project or program with activities outside the province of Quebec
  • Any projects involving trips or excursions, financing or travel expenses for these projects and student tours
  • All that involves individuals, individual activities or individual fundraising activities
  • Personal projects
  • Advertising, promotional or financing campaigns
  • Advertising in yearbooks, manuals, newspapers, specialized publications and event programs
  • Professional or trade associations


10. General provisions

10.1 To be declared a winner, the organizations whose projects are selected must:

  • Be reached by telephone or email by the Foundation to discuss prize delivery arrangements within ten (10) business days of the project being selected. To avoid being disqualified, be reached in no more than two (2) attempts and return the Call for Project Organizer’s call within fifteen (15) days of the second attempted call.
  • Confirm that they meet the eligibility conditions and other requirements of these rules.
  • Sign a Consent form for the video and photo shoots to be sent to them by the Foundation. The form must be mailed to the Foundation at 625 Jacques-Parizeau St, PO Box 17100, Quebec QC  G1K 9E2, faxed to 418 747-7100 or emailed to Fondation@lacapitale.com within three (3) business days following receipt. Please indicate “ShineBEYOND” prize.
  • Be available for the video shoot in 2020
  • Pay travel, lodging and meal expenses related to the video shoot.

Failure to comply with any of the above conditions or to accept the prize will result in disqualification of the organization selected. In such a case, a new organization will be selected, in accordance with these rules, until a project from an eligible organization has been chosen and declared a winner. If none of the submissions is in compliance with these rules and no organization is declared a winner within thirty (30) days following the final selection of the projects, the Foundation reserves the right to cancel the prize. 

10.2 Verification. Submissions are subject to verification by the Foundation. Any submission or submission attempt that is deemed to be fraudulent, illegible, incomplete, or otherwise not in compliance with the rules will be rejected. In such a case, the organization in question will not be entitled to make a submission or win a prize. The Foundation’s decision concerning all aspects of the Call for Projects, including but not limited to the eligibility or disqualification of submissions, will be final and without appeal.

10.3 Disqualification. The Foundation reserves the right to disqualify any organization or cancel any submission from an organization that enters this Call for Projects or tries to do so by any means contrary to these rules or which would be unfair to the other organizations. Such an organization may be referred to the appropriate judicial authorities. The Foundation's decision regarding this aspect of the contest is final and without appeal.

10.4 Prize acceptance. The prize must be accepted as described in these rules and is not, in any case, transferable in whole or in part to another organization, or redeemable.

10.5 Limitation of liability – Use of the prize. The prize winning organization releases the Foundation, its advertising and promotional agencies and their employees, agents and representatives of all liability for any damage, inconvenience or loss resulting from its acceptance or use of the prize. Each organization selected acknowledges that, as of being informed of the prize delivery arrangements, the fulfilment of the obligations related to the prize becomes the entire and exclusive responsibility of the various service and product providers.

10.6 Limitation of liability – Contest operation. The Foundation, its advertising and promotional agencies and its employees, agents and representatives are not liable for any faulty computer components, software or line of communication, or for the loss or absence of network communication capability, or for any faulty, incomplete, incomprehensible or erased computer or network transmissions that make it difficult or impossible for an organization to participate in the Call for Projects.

10.7 Limitation of liability – Registration. The Foundation, its advertising and promotional agencies and its employees, agents and representatives are not liable for any damage or loss that may be caused, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by the downloading of any web pages or software or by the transmission of any information concerning participation in the Call for Projects.

10.8 Limitation of liability – Submissions. Organizations that make a submission under this Call for Projects, or attempt to do so, release the Foundation, its advertising and promotional agencies, subsidiaries and its employees, agents and representatives from any liability for any damage they may incur as a result of making a submission under the Call for Projects or attempting to do so.

10.9 Modification to the Call for Projects. The Foundation reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this Call for Projects, in whole or in part if there is any event or any human intervention that could corrupt or affect the administration, security, impartiality or conduct of the Call for Projects as provided for in these rules, subject to Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux du Québec (RACJ) approval, if required, or to any other competent organization, as applicable. In no case may the Foundation, its advertising and promotional agencies, the suppliers of products or services related to this Call for Projects or its employees, agents and representatives be required to award more prizes or to award any prize other than in accordance with these contest rules.

10.10 Prize limit. In no case may the Foundation be required to award more prizes or to award any prize other than in accordance with these rules.

10.11 Call for Projects rules. Interested parties may obtain the Call for Projects rules at lacapitale.com/ShineBEYOND or by writing to the head office of the Foundation at 625 Jacques-Parizeau St, Quebec QC  G1R 2G5.

10.12 French version. A French version of the rules is available on request at the following address: 625 Jacques-Parizeau St, PO Box 17100, Quebec QC  G1K 9E2 In the event of a discrepancy between the French and English versions of the rules, the French version will prevail.