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PRIZE OF $25,000  Autism

Roger-Comtois High School – Commission scolaire de la Capitale (Quebec City region)


Mise en mouvement (Teens in motion)
Based in Quebec City, the Mise en mouvement project is aimed at autistic teenagers. It offers paid internships to 32 youngsters aged 13 to 16 to help them develop social and professional skills. On the program: job interviews, workshops that prepare them for the workplace and job market experience. Throughout the eight-week journey, specialized educators are there to guide the participants, and 20 job shadowing sessions are also offered. In short, both the employers and the interns can expect an enriching, real-life experience. These internships will boost the interns’ self-confidence.

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PRIZE OF $25,000  Intellectual disability

Regroupement pour la trisomie 21 – Down syndrome group (Montreal region)


Montréal Estival (Summer in Montreal)
This project aims to organize free summer excursions for young adults with Down Syndrome. Accompanied by various care providers and volunteers, participants visit different spots in the summer such as museums, parks, festivals, etc. As they take part in these activities, they form new bonds and share their discoveries while their loved ones can enjoy a little break. To everyone’s delight, the ShineBEYOND prize received this year will allow even more young adults to take advantage of this program next summer.

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PRIZE OF $25,000  Vulnerable seniors

Association coopérative d’économie familiale de l’Outaouais – ACEF (Outaouais region)


PALEF (Pour des aînés libres et éclairés financièrement) project
For over 50 years, the ACEF Outaouais has been working to protect consumer rights. Its PALEF project, which helps seniors feel independent and become financially self-sufficient, presents a play called Comptes en souffrance : au-delà des mots, les maux, to help seniors cope with financial fraud.The target audience is made up of isolated and vulnerable seniors from the area. Local visits, conferences and meetings over coffee are also set up to broach the delicate subject of financial abuse among seniors. The goal is to prepare them to recognize and prevent fraud.

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PRIZE OF $25,000  Intergenerational project

Community kitchens working together in Gatineau (Gatineau region)


Collation pour tous (Snacks for all)
This community kitchen project bridges the gap between students and seniors from three underprivileged neighbourhoods. They prepare nutritious snacks using unsold fruits and vegetables. Autistic youths contribute to the project by sorting through the foodstuffs, which is picked up daily at a grocer, and by helping the volunteers in the kitchen. Any leftovers are given to community organizations. Thanks to the ShineBEYOND prize, the project can be extended to include a fourth neighbourhood. Well-established in its area, Collation pour tous served 120,000 snacks to students from three schools. The initiative contributes to the well-being of its various participants and the community as a whole by supporting the local economy and reducing food waste.

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